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Thursday Night Golf League Rules and Costs 2019-Updated

5/3/18…From Eric

Another thing that I wanted to bring up, is the 2 extra points for the team low net.  Unfortunately, our system can’t handle that and I don’t want to keep track of it manually, so there will be no low net team points.  However, I am still going to keep track of forfeits.  There probably won’t be as many as last year, so keeping track of that won’t be as difficult.  I will just keep a spreadsheet of the teams that forfeited and those points will be subtracted from the yearly total at the end of the season.

And finally, I have attached a list of the subs we currently have.  If you need a sub, it’s the Captains responsibility to schedule the sub.  When scheduling a sub, the handicap variance might be fairly large, so you might have to re-arrange you’re A, B, C & D rotations for that night.

 LEAGUE RULES AND EVENTS 2018Notes from Captains meeting 4/5/18

New posting on this ruling about a rake and a sand trap, 4/26/18 at Foxford Hills

   Ball against rake by sand trap ruling


First of all, I think the meeting went well and we’ll have one every year from now on.  We had some very nice ideas to make the league even better, so thank you to everyone for their input!

Below are the notes from the meeting.  Please let me know if I am missing anything.  I was incorrect on the ruling for lateral hazards, so please watch the two links below, very informative.

  1. New League Rule:  In efforts to speed up play, we will be playing all out of bounds shots as a lateral hazard.  For example; When teeing off or hitting a shot from the fairway and if the ball goes out of bounds and there are out of bounds stakes, instead of re-teeing or re-hitting the shot from the original shot location, now you’ll be able to hit your next shot using the lateral hazard rules.  Please watch the two short video links, so you know the rules and you know how to keep track of your score:





  1. New Team Points:  In efforts to stop sandbagging and forfeits, there will now be two additional team points that can be won and two penalty points that can be taken away.  Instead of a total of eight points for a team per weekly matches, your team can now win a total of ten points and you can potentially have two points deducted from your total team score for forfeits.  How it works for the two team points, is we will be taking the best three scores from each team for the match and drop the highest net score/round.  We will be using the net scores of each individual and then add them together.   The lowest total net from a team wins the two points, see the below chart.  If the net scores end up in a tie, each team gets one point.  As far as the forfeits are concerned, if a team has a forfeit, then the opposing team wins the two team points automatically and the forfeiting team loses an additional 2 points, which is subtracted from their yearly points total.


Ball Hugger Ass Pipes
Player HCP Score Net Score Player HCP Score Net Score
Todd Wheeland 6 44 38 Giacomo Listi 5 43 38
Ken Moore 7 52 45 Lou Sikora 6 45 39
Mike Wheeland 10 57 47 Mark Mohr 8 50 42
Brian Wheeland 12 57 45 Keith Fiantago 5 49 44
Mike’s score is not counted so total net is 128 Keith’s score is not counted so total net is 119

Ass Pipes would win the extra 2 team points in this example.  As always, try and shoot your best score and don’t Sandbag, it now matters!!

  1. New Starting Tee Off Times: We will have a new starting and ending time for our tee off time: 4:15-5:15.  So if someone comes later than 5:15, that match will be considered a forfeit and they will lose the two extra team points if a sub is not available.  So unfortunately, this will mainly effect a couple of people and the captains might want to consider replacing those people if they can’t work it out with their schedule.  This was a unanimous vote.
  2. New Dues: Dues for this year will be raised to $60.  We did this, because we will be buying a laptop for the league to make it more efficient for our score keeper.  We will probably drop it back to $55 next season.
  3. New Sub Pool: We are creating a 10 person sub pool.   These subs will be used in case “shit happens” and a team needs a sub.  Our hope is that we’ll have 2-3 subs that show up every week and if they are needed they can play in a match.  Otherwise, they can still play nine holes after the league gets out.  So if this works out, we should really never have a forfeit.
  4. New costs for Closest to the Pin and Blind Bogey Games:  Each game will now cost $3 to enter.
  5. Next year, we are considering bringing up to 8 more teams to our league, as there are a lot of people that want to join our league.  We would then be playing at the two different course every week.  For example, 10 teams would be at Foxford and the other 10 teams would be at Prairie Isle.  We still need to figure out the logistics on how all this will work, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Please get back to me as soon as possible if there is something I missed.



Tyler Wollberg is the new General Manager and Head Pro for Prairie Isle and Boone Creek.  I just got off the phone with him and had a nice conversation.

His first priority is Prairie Isle and he will work with us to make the league even better.

Tyler will be coming to the Captains meeting next Thursday to introduce himself, so hopefully a lot of you guys can make it to the meeting and have a few pops!

Some of the topics of conversation that were brought up from some of you and will be up for discussion, are:

Changing Play Day to mid-season so more people are able to play and maybe playing a different course to change it up. (John Olas & Chuck Gertonson)

  • I would like to see a mid-season event like a scramble – Teams could be chosen at random but have one a-d players 18 holes – early start on Thursday or could be sat/sun (Scott Berry)
  • I like the idea of having some different games like a scramble once in a while. Also maybe we could contact some other Thursday leagues and switch courses w them a few time a year. That way the courses retain their revenue for the night.  (Mike Wheeland)
  • I like Wayne’s idea of traveling once per month or having possibly three or 4 play days during the season on our Thursday’s, but start at 2:00 pm and play 18. You could make the play days at a different course or play at prairie Isle and tee off before the 3:30 league starts. I think most members can make the earlier tee time on a week day if they know the dates and plan it into their schedules. (Kim Miller & Wanyo Schnell)
  • A bunch of you guys brought up having some more fun events on Thursday nights (Long Drive, Low Gross & Low Net Skins & etc.)

If anyone has any other suggestions or concerns, please bring it up in the meeting or let your captain know and he can bring it up.


 Thanks to all the team captains or team representatives that showed up last night.

 There are some new topics that came up for discussion and voted on,

 1.  There now will be 7 players per team, but it is not mandatory.  If you still only want to keep 6 players, that is fine.  But if you do want another player, your captain will find an additional player.  One of the issues that came up with adding one more player is that if a group of you that are not playing in a match that night and you want to go out and play 9 holes, you will need to play behind the league.  With the additional players and the groups wanting to play it would slow down the pace of play for the league if you jumped out in front.  So it was voted by the team captains that any group that isn’t in a match needs to start after the league.  Unfortunately there isn’t any way around this, because of the other two leagues that are playing in front of us.  Here is what I need for the new players joining the league: Full Name, Email Address, 18 hole Handicap and cell number.  Please get me the info with-in the next two weeks.


2.  We voted on having the play day on June 27th or July 11th  10 am start time and it will be held at Prairie Isle.  I do need all the captains to get a vote from their teammates to see what date works better for everyone.  We’ll go with the majority on which date we will play.  I will need to have an answer from all the captains no later than this coming Tuesday (March 10th)  This way Tyler can lock in the date for us.  So please get back to me!

3.  The next vote was to have a Year-end Scramble which will be on September 12, 2015.  This will be the Saturday right after our last night of league. Will be budgeting some of the money from the new players to use as the prize money.

4.  Blind Bogey.  If you are going to play in the Blind Bogey, you will need to enter your own score.  If you don’t enter it, and your number comes up; too bad, you don’t win.  Lou and I are not going to look through every score card to enter your score.

Other than these issues, everything will remain the same.

I will be shooting out another informational email to everyone as soon as I get the information highlighted in Red above.

League Starts on April 16th 2015
League Ends on September 10th 2015



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