In the box near bottom of the page, feel free to write down things you’d like to see changed, added, deleted or discussed. I’ll add these for all to see. Eric and Lou can bring these items up at any meetings planned for next season.

6 thoughts on “2019 THOUGHTS/IDEAS

  1. Maybe we should look at the awards ceremony. My wife would not miss going and there may be more wives that could pass on the evening gig. Couldn’t we have more funds available for prizes/awards if we were to do an afternoon lunch ceremony after the golf outing? Or maybe ask the wives if they would attend that?

  2. If the league is serious about changing the software used to run the league, steps need to be taken soon to begin the investigation of whats out there. We must assume there is a “learning curve” and we could use the next 180 days to accomplish this. I also suggest that 4 or more people know how to run the league software in case someone needs to step in for someone on vacation. Perhaps this could be addressed at the next meeting?

  3. For 2021, i think we should look at taking the league to the end of September. I know the complaints. 1) The sun sets earlier. We could start our tee times at 3:30 or 3:45. Most of the guys in the league are in complete control of there schedules during the week and can make there schedule work. Plus most guys don’t have to show up each week. 7 & 8 man teams. The other complaint over this suggestion is school is back in session. Kids have sports. Etc. that’s why they invented car pooling if your kid needs a ride home once every 2 weeks. I know there are a couple teacher or coaches this would affect but they can lump a few more thursdays into the first 4 months of the season. Just something to think about. Semptmber and early October are 2 of the best months of the year to play with the nice weather and the courses slowing down.

    1. 1. A lot of people don’t have control of their schedules. Some guys have a hard time making it before 5:30. Some of these guys have been in the league from the inception of this league.

      2. Day light is always an issue at the end of the season. Again we aren’t going to start at 3:30, so in mid September, people come in, in complete darkness, and that’s unfair and most of all not fun.

      3. Yes a lot of us have kids in sports and after school programs. Has nothing to do with car pooling, has to do with wanting to watch them in their activities. You only have a short time to watch them. Also, a lot of parents also go to their kids colleges during Sept and Oct and a lot of them leave Thursday nights.

      I would suggest starting a fall league after we are done with ours. You can play as early and as long as you want that way.

      1. Good idea. Thanks for the feed back . When we get to August maybe i will send out an email to see what kind of response we get to playing from the end of regular league season till mid October.
        Kind Regards, Kim

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