2019 Nichols

Boone CreekBull Valleywhite/ 531971115815-455-6900
Whisper CreekHuntleybirch/ 615572119847-515-7682
Foxford HillsCaryblue/ 556472126847-639-0400
Prairie Isle GCPrairie Grovesilver/ 562372124815-356-0202
Turnberry CCLakewoodgreen/ 609872131815-455-0501
Blackstone GCMarengosilver/ 552972128815-923-1800
Oak Grove GCHarvardforward/ 525471127815-648-2550
Golf Club of ILAlgonquinwhite/ 564571119847-658-4400
Red Tail GolfLakewoodwhite/626772126 503.646.5166
DateCourseBest Ball TeamsScore
DateCourseBest Ball TeamsScore
June 13Whisper CreekWin-Terry and Rick vs. Dave Tim80 81
July 15TurnberryTerry Rick Bob vs. Win-Tim Dave Bill81 78
July 22Whisper CreekWin-Tim and Bob vs. Dave Rick194 196
Aug 1Whisper CreekWin-Dave and Rick vs. Tim Bob197 197
Sept 26thBlackstoneWin-Tim and Rick vs. Terry DavePoints 32 30
Dec 26thWhisper CreekWinner-Tim and Rick vs. Terry and Dave76 79

Whisper Scramble 12/26/19…partly sunny, temps in mid 50’s. Terry and Dave faced off with Tim and Rick for the season finale.

Whisper Scramble 12-26-19

10/25/19…a chilly 50 degrees with very lite winds.

10/25/19 Whisper

10/18/19…Sunny with temps near 59 and a bit breezy, greens were freshly aerated which made putting a bit frustrating…Tim and Bob shooting great golf!!

Whisper Creek 10/18/19

10/9/19 Turnberry CC

Turnberry 10/9/19

9/30/19 at Oak Grove, warm temps in mid 80’s mosquito population live here!

Oak Grove 9/30/19

Another perfect weather day at Blackstone as we played for a beer.

Sept. 26th at Blackstone

A perfect weather day at Foxford Hills, they let us play a fivesome…

Monday Sept 23rd, perfect weather
Thursday Sept 19th at Whisper-mild temps in 70’s
9/4/19 Whisper Cree, sunny and 72

8/16/19 at Boone Creek, great weather
8/1/19 at Whisper…perfect weather. Dave and Rick won this match and collected a nice cold beer afterwards at Jamesons…!!

7/22/19…PERFECT TEMPS FOR GOLF-best ball match

June 13th….the first Nichols Scramble is in the books at Whisper Creek, temps in the mid 60’s with winds gusting to 20 mph..!! After 17 holes it was tied and then 18 decided the match…

6/13/19 at Whisper Creek

June 6th at Blackstone…sunny with hurricane winds. Terry missed this one and when asked Tim for his scorecard, he ran off…hmmmm!


Tim the swinger

May 30th at Whisper Creek, sunny and 80 some holes were windy.

Dave led the charge with an 88!

April 22 at Blackstone, 65 but quite breezy. We finally figured out we are supposed to be playing from the SILVER TEES! Tim shot 104 and I shot 100, Terry shot 94 and Bob shot a 107. As you can see Tim and I practice transparency (posted scorecard). We have subpoenaed the others scorecard but they’re resisting…LOL! 

April 8 at Whisper Creek-sunny and 72 degrees

2018 Season

Warm and muggy, temps around 86, cloud cover at Whisper Creek

May 29, 2018 Whisper Creek


6/11/18…Oak Grove Golf Course

6/18/18…temps in the 90’s


The Brut—6/25/18

Terry and Brian at The Brut


7/23/18 Blackstone

Sunny and mild 80 degrees


All the clouds and rain could not stop Tim from being on fire!

Monday 9/18/18 at Blackstone, temps in low 90’s and mosquito infested day!

Dave returns from a meniscus injury..!

Good score for this old guy!

Sept.21,2018 Whisper Creek, cool temps and very breezy


Monday Sept. 24th at Foxford Hills in Cary, sunny and 70’s till late afternoon brought some light showers.

Wednesday, Sept.26th at Prairie Isle, sunny 65 with a breeze

Oct. 1, 2018 at Blackstone, drizzle in am but clear in afternoon.

Oct. 6th at Prairie Isle, sunny and warm in the mid 80’s

Warm sunny day at the golf course at the Isle!

Nov. 1 at Whisper Creek, temps in the low 50’s lite wind

Nov.1, 2018
Me, Terry and Mr. Happy at Whisper Creek
11/5/18 Turnberry
11/5/18 at Turnberry CC, temps around 50, course is wet

11/5/18 Terry, Tim and Rick enroll in Turnberry Senior Membership Program for 2019!!