Update From Eric

2018 Officers:
President & Treasurer: Eric Klutke
Scoring: Rob Rudolf & Lou Sikora
Website: Rick Lucchetti

League Start Date: 4-26-18 (22Weeks)

League Last Night: 9-27-18

Year End Scramble: Saturday, September 29th-Course to be announced

Rules for the league:
A. Everyone, except the officers, must pay the mandatory $60 per person by week three or the team that you are on will lose all of its points for the first three weeks of play. All fees must be given to your team Captain. The Team Captain will then give the team’s money to Eric Klutke. Again, the money must be turned in by the 3rd week of play, NO EXCEPTIONS!
B. League Rules will follow USGA Rules, except for the out of bounds rule. For out of bounds, we will be using the lateral rule to speed up play. If you have questions or need a ruling, ask the Pro or the League officers.
C. You must play against your current week’s opponent. There will be A-D players each week on the WEEKLY MATCHES SHEET, with “A” players being the lowest handicap and “D” players being the higher handicap. “A” players must play the opposite “A” player. If the “A” from the opposite team is not there, then you must play the next lowest handicap on the roster and re-arrange the matches accordingly each week. Our computer system will not allow “A” players playing “D” players and etc.
D. Everyone must Putt out, NO GIMMIES!
E. Everyone must tee off between 4:15 to 5:15. We will be teeing off on both nines, see weekly schedule for details. If your opponent doesn’t show up by 5:15, it will be considered a forfeit.
F. Please have the courtesy to call your opponent if you are running late. Call the Pro Shop @ Prairie Isle: 815-356-0202 or Foxford Hills: (847) 639-0400, or call the opponent you are playing that week, all the numbers are on the team roster; which will again be updated and emailed after the second week.
G. If there is an injury (more than three weeks) or an extended medical leave to one of the members on a 7 man team, then a team can get another sub as the 7th person. But once that player comes back from IR, the sub can no longer play.
H. In order to win points in a forfeit match, the person who actually shows up must still play 9 holes and post their score in order to get the forfeited points. However, the player that got the forfeit match, their handicap will not change the following week. So whether you shoot a 90 or a 36, your handicap will not change; this is just another step to stop the few sandbaggers that we have!
I. Before turning in the score cards to the scorer’s table, the score card must be signed by both teams. After the card is turned in and signed, there will be no further review.

Year-End Scramble: We will have a year-end scramble on September 29th. It will consist of 4 man teams. We will pick an A, B, C, D player out of a hat and form the teams. This way you’ll be able to play with someone totally different than your normal teammates. There will be prize money for the first six teams (See below for payouts). Also there will be 6 league funded games (See below for payouts) for additional gambling, teams will be making their own side bets. We will probably have a skins game as well, but that will be additional money you’ll need to pay if you want to get in that game.
Weekly Blind Bogey Game (Eric Klutke, Rob Rudolf, Lou Sikora & Rick Lucchetti): See attached Blind Bogey Sheet for details

Weekly Closest to the Pin (Eric Klutke, Rob Rudolf, Lou Sikora & Rick Lucchetti): This will also be a $2 dollar entry fee if you want to get in. One of the Prairie Isle & Foxford Staff will set up the signs just before our scheduled tee off time. The last group of the night from both nines, need to remember to take the signs with them and return them to Eric, Rob or Rick.

Rules Official Charlie Kane at Foxford Hills & Eric Klutke @ Prairie Isle: If you have any issues with the rules and you and your opponent cannot come up with a decision during the round, just play two balls from the point of the issue and the rules official can make the final decision when you are finished with your round. Then you can re-adjust the score to what the outcome of the ruling was.

Hole in Ones: In order to help the poor guy that gets a Hole in One on League night, the league will be collecting $3 dollars from each player to help the person pay for the drink tab. The President will be collecting the money from the captains of each team and then the captains will need to recoup the money from their teammates.

League Website: Our league has its own website that was created and is run by Rick Lucchetti. If anyone has comments or suggestions, please talk to Rick. On the site, you’ll be able to see schedules, standings and much more. It is a pretty neat site, so be sure to check it out. The website is: www.pigl.mobi

Break Down of what the fees will be used for

80 players x $60= $4800.00

1st Place Team Payout -600
2nd Place Team Payout -450
3rd Place Team Payout -400
4th Place Team Payout -300
5th Place Team Payout -200
6th Place Team Payout -150

MVP Most Points gained during the season -100

Year End Scramble 1st Place Team -350.00
Year End Scramble 2nd Place Team -250.00
Year End Scramble 3rd Place Team -175.00

Year End Scramble Closest to the Pin Front Nine x 2 $50.00
Year End Scramble Closest to the Pin Front Back x 2 $50.00
Year End Scramble Long Drive Front Nine x 2 $50.00
Year End Scramble Long Drive Back Nine x 2 $50.00
Year End Scramble Long Putt Front Nine x 2 $50.00
Year End Scramble Long Putt Back Nine x 2 $50.00

Year End Scramble Food -1000.00

Yearly Website Fee -60

Clerical Costs -25.00

This Year, the League will be purchasing a used Laptop for scoring 150.00

Balance 290.00

Prairie Isle Green/Cart Fees for the League

9 holes walking: $15
9 holes with a cart: $25

If you want to play 9 holes before the league
18 holes walking: $36
18 holes with a cart: $36

Foxford Green/Cart Fees for the League

9 holes walking: $15
9 holes with a cart: $22

If you want to play 9 holes before the league
18 holes walking: $30
18 holes with a cart: $30