I decided to post comments on future league issues in one place…

9/29/17…Hey Guys, There are some issues/ideas that people want to bring up for next season. But first and foremost, I want to get a vote from you guys on whether we want to just play at Foxford the whole season next year or should I get quotes from Chalet, Turnberry or some other suggested golf course and then we could still play two different courses.

Personally, I can go either way. Foxford treated us really well and I wouldn’t mind just playing there, but I also do enjoy the two course deal as well.

As far as the issues/ideas for next year, we’ll just have a League meeting in February at LuLu’s and discuss what changes everyone wants.

But for now, please get back to me, as I want to lock down the course/courses that we want to play. Please poll your team and then “reply to all” with your vote. Please let me know by early next week.

Have a nice weekend!



9/29/17…Eric, Have you ever talked with the owners at prairie isle?

Maybe they need to know. Good chance Q is gone from there. I don’t see him lasting.  Maybe a new pro so we can stay. Just a thought.

9/29/17…I agree with Jerry. The bar at the isle is much better than most of the courses around.

Norm Stengel

9/29/17…I spoke with my friend Paul Schafer who is the superintendent at Prairie Isle this afternoon.  Paul is tight with the owner.

He said that he’ll be talking to the owner Chris Newkirk and show him my letter.  He said things really turned south with our league last year because of Tyler and you Jerry.  I told him that it wasn’t just Jerry, but a lot of us commented about Tyler and the way he ran things.  This was one of the reasons they got rid of Tyler.  And now with Quentin being even more of an asshole, I told Paul that this made our decision easy.  Paul said, maybe it’s better this way, so they really don’t want us back either and I don’t think we should have to beg to go back there.

So PI is out for next year.



9/29/17…I vote for foxford and chalet hills. -Giacomo

9/29/17…Ass Clowns vote Chalet and Foxford

9/29/17…Any course on east side of crystal lake. Turnberry is too far for many people on my team based on where they work. K

9/29/17…I’m not sure how I got thrown in the mix here, Are used to do a lot of catering over there and Quentin took me out of it I still do my golf outing there which is probably the biggest one they have.

I think me opening up Lulus made them angry , But I would much rather work with them then against them.

9/29/17…I always liked prarie isle its a great track. Are things really that bad that we need to leave?  tom s

9/29/17…I had a problem the first week with them over charging me. Never an apology and they were reluctant to refund me…. but they did. It’s a nice course, but not managed very well. Taylor is their shining star and I will miss her kindness.

Oh well, I’m excited about our new venue next season. wayne s

9/29/17…I vote full time Foxford since PI is out. todd w

9/29/17…First off, I would like to thank Eric Klutke for including in me this thread. I also appreciate Eric for calling my cell after he sent the email to Quentin. Although I don’t agree with everything Eric said, I’ve always respected his opinion.

I looked at the names on this list and I see numerous friends that I’ve played golf with in the past in another league. Eric Klutke Jeff Wanderski, John Olas, Dave Keenan, Mike Giglio, Todd Larsen, Marcus King, just to name a few. So when I heard a rumor on Wednesday that your league might not show up on Thursday I didn’t believe it. I never told Quentin or Taylor because I figured one of my friends would give me a heads up. So it was definitely a surprise when Taylor text me at 4:30pm that your league didn’t show up. Thank God I was sitting at The Cottage on my 2nd beer.

I assume the goal was to get even with Quentin and embarrass Prairie Isle in some form or fashion. Unfortunately all it really did was piss off an old friend and disappoint a beautiful young woman who has busted her ass for you guys all year. Taylor was looking forward to the final night, she had some drink specials for you guys and was super cute in her Packer garb. We both got over it quickly,  since she was able to join me and other friends at the Cottage sooner than normal.

I see in one of the comments we are viewed as mismanaged. Which is interesting since we’ve been in business 24 years. I should know I’ve been there since day one. We are one of the few privately owned public golf courses in the area that hasn’t been taken over by a bank or given away to a management company. We are also not owned by a municipality or Park District. So guess what? We actually give back to the community by paying property taxes. We also show a profit every year, hard to do for most golf courses now days.

Are we perfect? No Do we make mistakes? Yes. Are we mismanaged? Hell no! 4 successful local owners who all give back to the communities you all live in. Chris Newkirk, Billy Rinn, Ron Waytula and Dr. William Cox. We just had our 10th Annual Veteran’s Salute. A special day where 250+ Veteran men and women come and play golf, eat and drink for free all day long. An awesome day and another example of Prairie Isle and the owners giving back to your community. Hopefully some of you can come volunteer next year and help out.

Anyway, I’m done venting. The second I saw Eric’s name come up on my cell phone I was over it. Good friends do that. I hope you guys are happy wherever you end up. I also hope we are able to fill the void with a league that wants to play every Thursday. That’s our goal anyways. Oh, apologies to Kim Miller for ripping him at The Cottage last night after 10 beers. Sorry Kim, wrong place wrong time. Please feel free to remove me from this thread if you like. You can always reply privately or give me a call.

Thanks, Paul Schaefer


Prairie Isle Golf Club


Thank you very much for the nice response.  And I apologize for not giving you the heads up and as I told you on the phone I felt bad towards you because of our friendship; but I definitely wanted to make a point to Quentin.  As I said before, he is the most unprofessional Head Professional that I have ever come across.  He just makes everyone feel like we are doing him a favor or we are being a pain in the ass.

People come to Thursday night golf league after a week of work to enjoy themselves and just let loose.  But when you show up on Thursday, and you have the Head Pro making snide comments and just being very unfriendly to virtually the whole league, it just changes the atmosphere.  It started with Tyler and now Quentin is even worse.

The reason why Prairie Isle has done so well in the past 24 years, is because you guys were different than every other course around.  When we use to come to Prairie Isle, when first George Jackson and then John Babcock were the pros, it was like a family atmosphere and it felt like a private country club.  Right now the only people that give a shit are you and Taylor.  Maybe the owners should think about putting you two in charge and giving you guys a raise!

Going forward, we are having a captains vote to decide whether we will just play at Foxford or play another 2nd course.  On the phone you mentioned that it’s better that we are moving on, so I took that as you guys did not want us anyway.  We would re-consider playing half the weeks at Prairie Isle, but things would definitely need to change.  If you’re interested and you guys still want our league for half the time, I could bring a few league representatives with me and we could have a meeting to see if we can work it out.

Let me know what you want to do.Thanks,

PS: Taylor if you are reading this, I apologize for not letting you know about us canceling the last week.  You have done an incredible job running the bar area and I have heard nothing but great comments about you from everyone in the league, you are first class!


9/30/17…Paul / Eric,

I’ve been playing at PI for 20 years and have never had an experience like this past season. Other than the way Q handled the situation of being overcharged, all the points Eric mentions are spot on. I will miss the girls and guys who made our play there pleasurable.

-best regards to all. wayne s

9/30/17…My 2 cents

I haven’t been involved in any of the issues going on between the pros and our league.  Honestly, I really liked Tyler.  I’m not questioning any of it at all.        But I personally know one of the owners and have seen some of the contributions he makes back to the community.  Believe me, it’s a lot!!

I also have LOVED playing at PI for the 7 years I’ve been in the league. It’s a beautiful course and the location is good for most of the guys in our league.  Playing in this league is one of the most enjoyable things I do every year.  I fear that switching locations, and all the drama that’s going on may make things less attractive for many of our great league members. I hope that’s not the case but it is having that effect on me.

I really would like to see some effort to reconcile and try to at least stay at PI for every other week.  Thanks guys

Dave Janquart

10/1/17…Our team votes for the two course deal.  I would still vote for Priarie Isle in the mix but it appears that the relationship cannot be saved.  The management issues aside, Prairie Isle is a good course for the skill set of the league.  If PI is not in the mix, we would select Chalet and not prefer to head far west to Turnberry, or just play all at Foxford.  Let me know if more support/conversation is needed from me or my team.


10/1/17…Eric, In regards to our course options for next year. We would prefer to keep it at Foxford if PI is out. If you must add an additional course Chalet would be our suggestion.

I’m thinking of starting a surf league anyway 🙂

Mike Giglio

10/1/17…We prefer to keep the league at Foxford and Prairie Isle.  Need to give some additional thought to shortening the length of season…end it after Labor Day.

rich h

10/1/17…we would prefer that as well so let’s start talking to management. sully

10/2/17…The Ball Huggers would like the Foxford PI combination again if possible. If not, Foxford full time with some attention paid to the beer cart service which was a little sketchy a few times this year. And maybe we can pick his beer cart girls??????  todd w

10/2/17…Par Troopers vote PI & Foxford.  dave j

10/3/17Guys,  I had a conversation with Paul Schafer the Superintendent/GM this afternoon. Based on our conversation and the Captains votes, we are still going to play at Prairie Isle next year.  So it will be the same set up as this year, one week at PI and the next week at Foxford.

Lou, Jerry and I will have a meeting with the Prairie Isle staff to make next year a better experience.  So if you guys have any complaints, comments or suggestions, please send them to me, but don’t copy everyone.  Once I receive any suggestions that you guys have, I’ll compile all the comments and suggestions and then shoot them out to everyone in one email.

Prairie Isle is having a price increase.

9 Holes Walking:   $17,  9 Holes Riding:      $25,  18 Holes Walking:  $20

18 Holes Riding:     $36

Thanks, Eric