New Software!

4/21/19…It’s time to modernize our golf league with live scoring using the mobile app

This year the plan is to keep score the traditional way on scorecards and to also use the app. We will do both scoring methods in parallel until we are comfortable with the new app. The goal is to obviously go all digital with live app scoring and real-time leaderboards.

I have been working with the EZ golf league founders/developers for the past year and they have built numerous custom features to accommodate our league for 2019. The past 6 weeks of testing has validated the app meets our core scoring requirements. At this point testing is done, its time to validate the real use case of using the app with 80+ golfers in weekly league play to identify unknown bugs, workflow gaps, and required enhancements to support our league.

The app has many advantages but FULL transparency there are definitely gaps and some quirky workflows. YES everyone should expect there will be issues and crashes (it’s software development).  The key differentiator is the founders are committed to working with us to resolve issues and implement enhancements based on our feedback….this is a huge commitment for a software developer!

2019 Scoring Procedures – PLEASE READ – Scoring Rules Everyone must follow!!!:

  • Only 1 person in each foursome will keep score with the mobile app
  • Another person in each foursome should keep the score on the traditional scorecard
  • At end of round, finalize all scores in the app are correct and turn in scorecard as usual 
  • We need your feedback, therefore PLEASE document and communicate real issues to Lou and Giacomo with a collaborative approach. The rule of thumb is if you bitch and don’t provide at least 1 proposed solution….than you are just a BITCH and go pound sand!!
  • We already started a list of known issues and wish list enhancements but need your real feedback that adds value
  • RICK: Please start a new comments section on the website for app feedback

Action Items for Team Captains or Team Player if Captain Not Present

  • Each week identify 4 committed team players (as early as possible) and make sure they register for that week via the app  before that foursome tees off.  This is a critical step as it activates you for live scoring and sets your opponent A/B/C/D. If you skip this step you will be blocked from keeping score in the app
  • All players in the group have to register before they tee off. If someone cannot register (technically challenged folks) than the team captain needs to notify Lou or Giacomo so we can register/activate the player before you tee off to enable live scoring
  • Each week is considered a “Tournament” and we will have 2 Tournaments each week. For example: “Week 1 – 4/25/19 Prairie Isle Back 9” and “Week 1 – 4/25/19 Prairie Isle Front 9”
  • Each player will be required to register for the respective tournament (front 9 or back 9). Please do your best NOT to register for the wrong weekly tournament. Open app, sign in with email, pick the right tournament and click register for the correct weekly tournament
  • If all fails and a group has issues with the scoring, than please document and communicate the issues to us and just keep scores with traditional paper scorecard as we can still enter manual scorecards at the end of rounds

Known Items that will require an Admin (Giacomo or Lou) to resolve: 

  • If you register/activate a weekly player in error than only an Admin can deactivate and activate the correct players. You will be blocked from app scoring in this scenario until an Admin resolves this.
  • If you have a forfeit in your match please keep your score and let us know at end of round so we can disqualify the missing player and award points accordingly
  • Captains – If you know the 4 weekly players before Thursday you can email Giacomo and Lou and we can register/activate your group. 
  • If you cannot register in the app its because registration is not open yet. There is a registration time based window that opens and closes. After week 1 we will open up registration on Mondays of each week
  • For Week 1 You cannot register/activate until Wednesday as we will be doing testing on Tuesday night

Everyone is invited Tuesday night 7:30pm at Lucky Lulus as Lou and Giacomo will conduct LIVE TESTING and TRAINING (attendance not required but available for anyone that wants an app overview and demo)

Download the app in iTunes using link below or just search for EZ GOLF League

‎EZ Golf League ‎EZ Golf League is great for golf club and golf league admins and golfers. If you belong to a golf club and or …

I am doing my best to make this a smooth transition and ask everyone is patient and has an open mind to adopting digital app scoring. I fully expect to encounter app issues but am committed to investing the time to make this successful for the league with the end goal to full automate the league scoring with less effort….work smarter not harder!! 

Thanks and see you all on the course.