2020 Playoff Results

The 2020 regular season matches have come to the end.

It was a completely miserable night, with non-stop rain.  There was quite a lot of bitching, especially by Pottalla, but then he birdied 8 and won a skin and then he was all giddy at the bar.  Probably the most happy go lucky guy was Big “T”.  Todd definitely won the Most Wettest Award!  Maybe Gigs, who being in the clothing industry can explain to Todd that all cotton clothing in a rain storm doesn’t work.

Anyhow, it was a pretty tight race at the end.  It wasn’t pure dominance like the Chubs had in 2019😊  The Snap Hookers who had the point lead going into the final night, kept up their good play and took home the Championship!  The real battle was for 2nd & 3rd place and the Ass Pipes just edged out the Yard Monkeys.  So congratulations to all the teams that made the playoffs and congrats to the top 3 for winning some cash.

Champs-Snap Hookers:

Mike Giglio (C), Adam Reiche, JD Kirchberg, Jim Kirchberg

Jeff Beaudette, Bob Covers, Bret Grapenthin, Jerry Eschweiler

Second Place-Ass Pipes:

Giacomo List (C), Lou Sikora, Rick Lucchetti

Charlie Kane, Matt Benjamin, Mark Mohr

Third Place-Yard Monkeys:

Steve Schmidt (C), Bill Shimp, Dave Keenan, Ron Regner, Dennis Jackson

Jeff Gertz, Tim Gertz, Carlo Agnello