Playoff Championship

The Playoff Championship will be only one day, held on September 10th at Prairie Isle

The two winners of each half of the season are automatically in the Playoff Championship.  The Playoff seed ranking would be determined by the combined season’s points.  Since the two winners are automatically in, then the remaining 4 teams with the most combined points, will make up the final four teams.  But regardless, whichever teams won the respective seasons, your ranking will be determined by the cumulative points.

Then the playoff format would be as follows:

1st vs. 6th

2nd vs. 5th

3rd vs. 4th

The payout would be for 1st thru 3rd place.  We will take the cumulative points from both halves of the season plus (+) the winning points from the playoff match and the teams with the 3 highest points total wins the payout.  The captains did vote on an additional 10 points for the playoff win.  So, the max a team could win during the playoffs is 18 points.  This way, the lower seeded teams have a chance to be in the money if they win their playoff match.  Ties for the playoff will be broken by a putt off on the practice green.  Eric will determine the putts.

It ended up to be a great season after all, even with this BS Co-vid crap going on.  However we did have a couple of Co-vid casualties, Scott Annen & Co-vid Craig, but as statistics prove; they both lived to play another round😊

Anyhow, I wanted to thank Lou Sikora, Giacomo Listi, Rick Lucchetti, Brad Frey and all the Captains for helping make this the best league around!  There’s a lot that goes into this and without all their help, it wouldn’t be possible.

Our new APP is working great, even though people are still bitching about the handicaps.  But before next season starts, Giacomo is going to make up a written document explaining exactly how the handicap system works.  If you’re still complaining after that, you can go pound sand (PINEAPPLE)!  The games on the APP also worked well.  This season, there were over $4000 in payouts that went to 40 plus different people. Big “T” Larsen is a perfect example as to why you should play.  Last night was the first time he signed up for the Closest to the pin all year and of course he won and took home $40.  So if Todd can win, anyone can win!  So next season give it a shot and start signing up and play, you could be the next big winner.

I want to congratulate the teams and people for their accomplishments this year:

Congrats to the SNAP HOOKERS for winning Season 1 and the ASS PIPES for winning Season 2.

Congrats to Giacomo Listi for winning this years MVP with 42 points.

Congrats to the teams below that made the Playoffs.  The one day Playoff will be next week September 10th @ Prairie Isle, normal starting time.

Reminder:  All payouts will be handed out at the year-end party!

Play Day will be at Foxford Hills on September 19th.  There will be a lot of payouts that come from our league fees, so make sure you sign up and try and win some cash.  There is still plenty of room to sign up on the APP.

The party will be at Sideouts on September 19th starting @ 6:30PM.  The party is free and includes appetizers and one drink ticket per person. Please let your Captains know if you plan on attending.  We need to get Jerry an approximate number of the people attending.

I look forward to seeing everyone at play day.

Have a great holiday weekend and be safe!