2020 PlayDay

9/12/2020…good luck guys!!!

Longest Drive Front #2

Longest Drive Front #7

Longest Drive Back #11

Longest Drive Back #18

Longest Putt Front #1

Longest Putt Front #9

Longest Putt Back #12

Longest Putt Back #14

Closest to the Pin Front #3

Closest to the Pin Front #8

Closest to the Pin Back #13

Closest to the Pin Back #17


This week is the last week of regular season matches.  Next week Sept 5th is the one day play off at Prairie Isle and then on Saturday Sept 7th is the Play Day at Foxford Hills and then the Party at night at Side Outs.

For the Playoff on September 5th, only the teams that make it, will be playing.  Of course if you want to come out and play before the league, that is still open as usual.

On September 19th, Quentin from Prairie Isle has offered a deal for our league.  You can play as many holes as you want to, just pay the cart fee.

I’ll have sign-up sheets for the Play Day.  We are doing the 2 Man Best Ball again this year, so if you could please pick your teams early, it will make it a lot easier on Play Day.  There will also be a 4-Game sign-up sheet, so if you know you’re playing, please sign up!

And finally, I’ll have the Tee Time Sign-up sheet there as well.

Play Day 9-7-16 at Foxford Hills, first tee time starts at 9:00 am:

Play Day will be held at Foxford Hills this Saturday.  You can sign up your foursome on our League App as late as Friday noon (9-6-19).

The cost for the round is $50 which includes cart,  a range token, a Hotdog, chips and a pop/cola.  This is a really good deal, so thank you Charlie Kane!!

We will be playing our own ball. There will be payouts for 1st-6th place for Low Gross & Low Net scoring.  We will have the two man best ball game going on, which you need to sign up and pay for separately and we’ll have the 4-Game, game which is included from last year’s dues.

For the Two Man Best ball, you can pick as many people as you want to pair up with.  You can go with someone where you each pay the

Team fee ($10 per team) or go alone with someone else’s score, but you’ll need to let the people collecting the money for the game know that you’re going alone.  For example, if I ask Marcus to pair up with me, and he doesn’t want to, then I can still pick Marcus and go it alone with his score.  I have to pay the $10 myself.

You cannot pick teams and go it alone, you have to be part of the team.  For example, I wouldn’t be able to pick Giacomo and Ron Regner as a team and go it alone.  Hopefully this makes sense?

As far as the 4-Game goes, everyone who’s in Play Day is automatically in, as we are carrying over the funds from last year.

The 4-Game is:

Year End Scramble Closest to the Pin Front Nine x 2 ($50 each)
Year End Scramble Closest to the Pin Front Back x 2 ($50 each)
Year End Scramble Long Drive Front Nine x 2 ($50 each)
Year End Scramble Long Drive Back Nine x 2 ($50 each)
Year End Scramble Long Putt Front Nine x 2 ($50 each)
Year End Scramble Long Putt Back Nine x 2 ($50 each)

Typically we had the Blind bogey as part of the 4-Game, but we will be collecting separately $10 from each person that wants to get into the Blind Bogey.

We are also still working on a couple of other side games that you can enter, but we’ll have that figured out by Saturday and you can sign up before you tee off.

Play Day Party 9-7-16 at Sideouts, party starts at 7:00 pm:

It will be the same as the last few years.  Jerry will have appetizers and a drink ticket per person, this was included in your league dues.  If you want to drink more, you’ll need to pay that yourself.

We’ll be handing out the winnings from the season and the play day at the party.

It’s a great time, so please sign up on the App if you plan on attending.  Giacomo added another tournament called “RSVP for Year End Party at Sideouts”.  Unfortunately we can register only one person.  So if you could please help me out.  If you’re NOT having another person come to the party with you, can you please shoot me an email that you are coming alone!  If you don’t email me, I’ll assume your bringing someone with you.  I need to get Jerry a good number by Friday.